Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adult Hot Toddy

I've been drinking a lot of these over the last two days. Mainly because I had a nasty sore throat, and a hot toddy tends to ease the pain, as well as the coughing. Depending on the amount of booze you put in, it can be a VERY effective nightcap as well. Mine is pretty basic, but I've seen ones where people use cloves, sugar syrup, and (wonder of wonders!) a teabag. And any alcohol will do--brandy, rum, whiskey, scotch, etc.You can even use wine, but...that's a recipe that comes later, closer to Christmas. [:)]

Scientific fact: alcohol can temporarily raise your body temperature, which is why many people feel flushed when they've had too much. I wonder if that's why I woke up the last few nights sweating profusely...?

This recipe can also be used for kids, without the alcohol of course. We want the little darlings to feel better, not kill them off.

Ok, off to go make another one. I really, REALLY need to get some more lemons...

Adult Hot Toddy

6 ounces water

2 tablespoons honey

1 shot brandy

1/2 a lemon

Pour water and honey into a microwave safe 8 ounce cup. Heat for two minutes, or until honey has melted and water is fairly warm. Add the brandy and lemon and stir. Makes one serving--which, depending on how strong you made it, may be the only one you need for the rest of the night.

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